Thank Goodness For Girl Time.

Finally got some girl time coming up this weekend and I’m a bit excited. This isn’t some crazy girls-night-out-dance-all-night-bar situation. No, it’s just good genuine (get it) girl hang out time. And of course, I threw in the camera element for good measure.  I can’t wait ladies. It’s going to be so nice.

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  • JaNae - I love those shoes!

  • JaNae - I love those shoes! My husband would kill me if I bought another pair of black heels, but where did you get them?

  • k - Sadly, not my feet, not my shoes. So you don’t have to be jealous. I don’t even own them. This was taken at a formal dress shop and the girl was dressed up with the store stuff. They are cute though. =)

    Wish you were coming out for girl time this week. But you’ll be here soon!

  • Mommyknows - I love the photo, it’s great.

    Girl time is great too. I had lunch with friends on Valentines Day while hubby was home with all the kids. LOVED it!

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