Things I Never Thought I Would Like

I was a stubborn child.  Who am I kidding. I AM a stubborn child.  But in regards to food, growing up I had my reasons.  Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t really that picky. I ate more kinds of HEALTHY foods than most kids I knew.  I loved asparagus, tomatoes {you tomato haters know who you are}, lima beans, and get this – liver.  Seriously.  And I love fried cucumbers with mustard. Although I have since learned that folks outside of the family often consider these eating preferences strange.  It’s just the McMaken in me I suppose.

Anyway, there were certain foods that I still had strong aversions to, whether or not I had ever tried them.  For example: tapioca. bleck.  It wasn’t the flavor, it was the texture. I have a major issue with food texture. I cannot stand things suspended in my jello, for instance.  Like carrots, or fruit, or even candy! I don’t care, I’m not touching it.  No spinach.  I don’t care what it does for Popeye.  No melons – that was a taste thing. And I loved orange JUICE, but you’d never catch me peeling an orange and trying to eat it! No way, that’s where the pulp is and I hate pulp. Pulp=texture.

But a funny thing has happened over the past few years.  I have actually been open to trying foods I once shunned, just to see.  And I am amazed at the foods I now love.  I think a lot of it had to do with (re)discovering the food on my own terms and making it the way I wanted to. Seriously, that’s a problem with me. I’m very susceptible to the “it’s-OK-if-it-was-my-idea” syndrome.

Anyways, Things I Never Though I Would Like:

  • Potato Salad!
  • Sweet potatoes!
  • Squash! seriously
  • Eggplant
  • Raw cucumbers
  • MUSHROOMS (still with a few limitations, but we’re getting there)

breakdancing orange
And just YESTERDAY, on a whim, I tried…an orange. And I ate the whole thing, and I loved it. And today I ate another one. They really are the perfect guilt-free post-workout snack.  So now I have to go buy a ton more because I have 28 more days of this DVD!!

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