Wordy Wednesday

I don’t really have one big thing to post about today. Does that mean I shouldn’t post? I dunno. Eh. I did get some MAJOR things taken care of in the real world this morning having to do with Clerks and Comptrollers and exciting “official” stuff like that. What fun. Hey, being legit is cool. That’s all I’m saying.

In other news, today is day 9 of the Shred DVD. I’m rotating between the 3 levels, switching each day, so today will be level 3 – ugh. Jumping jacks with weights make me sad, but they also make me stronger, and IT’S ONLY FOR 20 MINUTES, and then I get my reward, which is a lovely orange. I bought a whole new bunch of them today.

It’s way too warm outside this week. Thank goodness it’s going to cool off this weekend. Especially for all those marathoners and half-marathoners this weekend. I can’t imagine running that far when it’s 80 degrees, especially when you’ve been training in 50 degree weather or cooler. Last year’s race was nice and cold and I think the warmest it got to was maybe in the 50’s. Nice. Kinda hard to tell, I was running the whole time. I really wish I could go downtown and take pictures this year, especially with all the runners coming down the big hill out of downtown. That has to look sweet.  As it is, I will be having a blast in Dallas photographing a sweet and fun event.  At least I will be up as early as the runners. Seriously.

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  • JaNae - I’m hoping that your nice warm weather sticks around until next weekend–I could really use some nice warm sunshine! Can’t wait to visit–we should try and go on a run on Saturday sometime!

  • Karyn - you’ll at least have to put up with 20 minutes of Jillian and the Shred. can’t skip!

  • Karyn - but we could head out to one of my favorite trails too

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