3rd times a charm? Please?

Three? years ago we did some major digging around and flower/plant bed rearranging in our front yard.  We knew we were green thumb challenged and were on the lookout for robust, won’t die without Round-up kind of plants that loved all the shade our giant front yard trees would provide.  We were lucky enough (with some helpful suggestions from the tons of garden shop people we spoke with) to find some beautiful hosta to plant – that have since flourished and… wait for it… come BACK. Every year! It’s truly amazing and they have saved our front plant bed from looking pitiful.

However.  That same year we wanted something to plant around the hosta to fill in the space – like a low plant or ground cover.  So, a lovely garden shop person suggested mexican heather. A very beautiful plant that wouldn’t spread too much, but would be low and pretty with some nice blooms.  Great! Peachy! Everywhere I looked about this plant it said ‘perennial’. Great! Great except for one thing – It’s not a perennial HERE, in Texas.  It dies, and then it never comes back.  Whoops.  Ok, fine.  So last year we were on the lookout again for something else to fill this space.  So we went for super low, and something that would repel (or at least not get filled up with) all the tiny (millions) of leaves that fall in our front yard.  So, we found a nice moss that was low and spongy and green.  Spent time planting that.   It did NOT like our front yard.  We suspect that it got more sun that we had previously thought and the moss barely lasted a few months.
So again, we were searching this year for another kind of plant. One that would hopefully make it.  I remembered the creeping phlox that my mom has in her front flower beds at her house and how they were always threatening to take over the side walk because they grew so fast.  And low and behold, yesterday there were tons of beautiful healthy looking phlox at the garden center.  So we went for it.  We actually hedged our bets this time.  We bought two colors of phlox and something else with the prettiest blue flower, called Speedwell I think.  So here’s hoping they can make it through the summer.

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  • Katie in MA - I love the pink ones! Come plant some at my house! (Although it might be good to get the kind with low water needs. Me?=Plant killer.)

  • k - This is the comment from my Grandma:

    “notice what other people have in their yard. Good luck . Love grandma”

    Thanks Grandma

  • Heather - I have no flower-keeping-alive advice. Looks good right now, though! ; )

  • JaNae - Grandma’s right! That’s how we planted our landscaping. Although, we had to take Jason’s mom on walks with us so she could tell us what we were actually looking at. Although, you could probably just take your camera, then take the pics to the store. Love the colors of those flowers!

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