What a week!

Rain. Traffic. Meeting. Traffic. Rain. Meeting. Errands. Rain. Signed up for awesome fabulous super workshop. Rain. Went to a Nikon workshop on our new camera. Traffic. Meeting…


I have always been a shameless birthday self-promoter.  It doesn’t bother me.  I just like birthdays and I like mine.  I like to have fun with my friends and just enjoy it.  I like that I share my birthday with Al Einstein and a famous number 3.14159265358979323846… although I harbor no delusions of being nearly as cool as either of them. And yet again, this year, my birthday falls between the 2 most ‘unlucky’ days of the year (imho), Friday the 13th, and the Ides of March.  But there is a St. Patty’s day race on the 14th….so that must make it extra lucky this year.

My photo friday pic for Homeschool Diva is supposed to be what I am up to today.  Well, today is going to be pretty boring, but last night after the Nikon class, I learned how to turn on the repeating flash to get cool pictures – so I had a little fun with it when we got home.

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  • dana jones - Happy Birthday Cousin!
    This is your oldest cousin wishing you a great birthday
    and wanted to tell you how
    awesome your photography website
    is and I think you have so much talent! You go for it girl.
    Have a great day on your birthday. Love ya, Dana

  • Heather - Running on your birthday: sacrilege. Okay, okay, it’s your birthday, you can run if you want to. ; )

    Cool pic.

    We had to be shameless birthday self-promoters — how else would Mom remember to run to the store the night before and get something?

  • Katie in MA - I love it! It looks like all the different shades of yourself. Or maybe all the different selves you’ve been leading up to who you are at this birthday? (Forgive me. I’m an English major. I read into EVERYTHING.)

  • mommyknows - Funky photo! Happy birthday.

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