Just a Slight Twist: Updated

Updated: I retook yesterday’s pic for my niece Delaney who recommended some alternate word choices for me.  She is an accomplished and creative writer, and felt that I could have been more creative with my description of my dislike for spiders.  Katie, this also remedied the shirt-matches-the-paper situation. =)

Ok, so I’ve been trying to think of something a little more creative to do for my self-portraits (always a struggle) and last night I actually thought of something. Of course I was already in bed and trying to go to sleep when the idea came, so I had to reach over to my handy dandy bedside pen and paper and write it down to get it out of my brain so I could sleep, but hey.  I actually drew a picture of the idea. Me as stick figure holding a sign. I knew I would understand that in the morning.  So here is my first day of this new idea.
111/365 alternate
I don’t know how long I’ll keep this up or how often, but right now it seems fun, so I’m going with it.  Here’s some feel good music that has nothing to do with spiders. Enjoy!

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  • Katie in MA - You know I adore your work, so please take this as just some helpful input…

    I like the concept, but I don’t know that the white paper in front of a white shirt works for me. Perhaps construction paper or maybe a diff colored shirt?

    (Don’t throw tomatoes at me…please!)

  • k - No worries. hehe. seriously, this is my roll out of bed look and random sheet of paper. i’ll keep the contrast in mind next time. I plan on using my little dry erase board (as soon as I can find it) so as to not waste paper.

  • Heather - Delaney wants to know why you used the word “hate.” She says “she should say, ‘don’t like’, or something”.

    Pick, pick, pick….right?

  • k - Tell Delaney to check back tomorrow. =)

  • Katie in MA - Ta-da! Beautiful…nay, PERFECT!

    Also? I totally and completely, 1000% AGREE with your sentiment!!!!!

  • k - 5 pts for the first one to find the error in this picture.

  • JaNae - I “positivey” agree with you!

  • k - Ok. J gets 5 pts. Toward what, I don’t know yet. How about 5 awesomeness points? Those are always good to have.

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