Little Miss H

I had a double treat yesterday. I got to see my friend who I haven’t seen in WAAAAY too long, and I got to photograph her adorable daughter! Just a couple of my favorites. She is so precious!

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  • Elizabeth Moore - Karyn,
    These are so beautiful!!!!! I am in tears looking at them!!!!! Thank you so much!!!! Beth

  • Don Standlee - These are awesome !! Thank thanks !!!

  • k - I’m so glad you like them! There are so many more it was hard to pick just 2 to post!

  • Don Standlee - Oh and our Hannah Rose loves them to ! When she saw then first one she said Hannah blow bubbles !!

  • heather - Hannah is so precious!! Love the picture on the swing!!!

  • Uncle Chris & Aunt Sandy - Graeat pics. We always enjoy them!

  • Katie in MA - Too cute! I love her dress…and also that the bubbles match (because that is so something I would force on my own dear daughters! ha!)…

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