My Windy Nascar Experience

I took sooooo many pictures yesterday. It was fun, but sooo cold and windy. Here are just a few of the ones I took. Enjoy.

the tent 'o stuff

Reuse - it's good for the planet 😉

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  • mommyknows - I love all of the photos, orange is my favorite color.

    I’ve never been to a ‘car’ race. I don’t like loud noise, but the photos make me want to go … just once.

  • Karyn - This was my first ever real NASCAR race. It was a lot of fun, but the bitter windiness made it less fun. All the creative dressers were wearing coats and hats so everyone looked the same, not as interesting…

  • Katie in MA - I’m glad you went Sunday and not Saturday – I was stuck in the traffic forEVER Saturday night. Twenty minutes to move up 2 exits on 35! Crazy!

  • k - Seriously, I would’ve rather sat in traffic forever – which getting home wasn’t exactly quick – than deal with the wind. it was awful.

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