self discovery

My brain is full of other peoples ideas.

While inspirational, this is also stifling. Everywhere I look I see what other photographers are doing. That is awesome and totally inspiring, but it gets in the way of refining my style and what identifies my photography as uniquely mine.  This week I have really started understanding how images are really the product of the photographers eye, and have almost nothing to do with the equipment.  The camera/lenses are just really awesome tools that make the image you see in your mind become reality.  So if it’s really all in my head, so to speak, what do I see?

So I have a few self discovery acceleration ideas – all swirling around in my brain, ready to land and become cohesive thoughts and plans. ( i did NOT intend for that to rhyme)

Idea # 1 Crazy photo session Month

-Give away 2-3 mini photo sessions w/cd of all images during the month of April (yes, that’s now) to folks who have a unique/creative idea for a shoot.  I just want to have fun and experiment and play – and you would reap the benefits of getting free images! (yes, friends of mine who read this blog- this includes you – just ask)

Idea # 2 Photo buddy adventures

-Anyone out there (who lives in DFW) who wants to just take a day (or 2) and scout and try out different locations around DFW.  Essentially use each other as models unless we have random straggler friends who want to come along.  Benefits: more portfolio fodder, some great shots of yourself for web/profile pic purposes, some nature/art shots, new location options and experience shooting in those locations.

Idea # 3

I have a project idea that I want to continue to build on.  The title of the project is “Effort”, and THIS is my first image.  Just need some volunteers. =)

Idea # 4

Thoughts? Anyone?

I may end up doing all of these. But I just needed to throw this out there.  Also, I’m going to hopefully in the near future start sending out info about my biz and upcoming specials and all that, so if you want to be on that list, go ahead and register on the blog (right hand column).

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  • Sue Deal - Man Karyn–these photos are amazing. After all those years of hanging around here, who knew you had that talent???? Love it.

  • k - Thanks Sue! =)

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