Shiny and New

There have been fun things happening around here this week. First of all, I’ve finally got a shiny new sample album coming my way from Pictage.  So excited.  Also, in addition to the prints/albums I’ll be offering through Pictage, I’m going to be offering the Dream Album!   I’ve got to get some sample albums to show, but I am SOOOOO excited about these albums.  They are so amazing and beautiful.  I’ll post pics of the sample albums as soon as they come in!

And, the bluebonnets are everywhere this week!

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  • Katie in MA - Your pic makes bluebonnets look so much better than they look out in the wilderness (by which I mean on the sides of highways, of course). I’ll probably be chases out of TX for this, but I just can’t get into the bluebonnet thing. What’s wrong with me??

  • k - My fav wildflowers right now are actually those bright yellow black-eye-susan looking flowers. I’ll post a few pics I took of those too. I like bluebonnets when they are in big groups like this, but individually they are just ok. It’s just a Texas pride thing for most people. Nothing is wrong with you.

  • mommyknows - So beautiful.

  • - rad. even… super rad.

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