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My friend Maureen competed in her first Sprint Triathlon last weekend and she was of course, awesome.  She competed in the Spring version of the one I did (my first) last fall, but she had to race against the boys too.  It was nice to be able to go to an event, not worry about what I had for breakfast or what time I ate it, not put on bodyglide or obsess over how my transition area was set up. I just got to take pictures.  I took a bunch of her, but had fun practicing on everyone. Sports action shots are just so much fun. Here are a few of my favorites of her looking particularly awesome. I put them into black and white to give them a more documentary feel.

*Amber, I apologize for flaunting these triathlon pics in front of you. I mean no harm.

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  • Ilan - Awesome set, I really enjoyed the second photo – Both a powerful portrait and a piece of the background “story” – she looks sweaty (in a good and not disgusting way :)) and smiling, enjoying the sport she loves.

  • Katie in MA - I love the second shot – your friend looks AMAZING and so totally happy with who she is in that very moment. Beautifully candid!

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