So you think you want to know what happened?

Ok then, here we go.  I did manage, against all odds to actually keep a relatively up to date journal for the entire time we were in Europe.  So I won’t be making this stuff up, just filling in the details.  This isn’t going to be some quicky short post series. Oh no – we’re in this for the long haul.  So sit back – get some popcorn and enjoy the long, sometimes silly, often frenzied, story of our vacation to not one, not two, but THREE European countries.  Enjoy!

So – first we got on the plane, and then we found our seats…and then I buckled my seat belt…and then – just kidding. =)  The flight over to London was a quick 8-ish hours.  Not too bad.  They fed us, played the ‘wrong’ movie (you’ll find out why it was wrong in about 2 weeks), and the flight was smooth.  My legs were not a fan of staying in one position the whole time, but that’s the cost of it only taking 8 hours to cross an ocean – unless you have an extra thousand lying around and can afford to sit up where they get personal dvd players. nope – we flew for free booking fees.  Sleeping for me is a bit of a joke on a flight – so i just tried to keep quiet and not wake the rest of the sleeping peeps.

We landed in London and then eventually boarded another flight to Frankfurt.  So quick compared to our first flight.  I even got to use a little French whilst getting coffee at the airport. Madame would be so proud.  Cheryl and Tim met us at the Frankfurt airport.  I was so excited to see them, and John got to meet them both finally.  It was great to see someone we knew at the airport.

They drove us to their place in Aschaffenburg – it’s totally awesome and very spacious!  They made us traditional Dutch pancakes w/bacon and w/cheese (you’ve seen the bacon ones on here already!)  Sooooo good.

Tim bought some special hometown goodness for J to try. 

We also played a little Guitar Hero, Metallica style, and then we were off to bed so that we could at least try to start getting used to our new time zone.

Coming up next… A trip down the Romatic Road!

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