The First of Many More

Ok, no time to start writing/posting about our trip yet, but here are a few pics from the first days in Germany with our friends Cheryl and Tim who graciously let us stay with them and gave us a wonderful welcome with the best pancakes ever! They have bacon in them, I mean, come on!  Enjoy.  If you click through there are a few more on Flickr, but I haven’t even begun to sort through most of them yet.

Rothenburg, Germany on the wall

on the Romantic Road

the best pancakes ever

Good old Ausfart.

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  • Katie in MA - Mmmmm…bacon. I mean – I love the floaty sign!

  • Mom - I like that picture of you and John on the walkway of a ?”castle”? ANyway…It looks like you saw some beautiful country…can’t wait for more pics….Love you, Mm

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