What’s Up Friday?

So what’s up? This week has been a little messy, but mostly good. I was expecting to be swamped in data all week, but due to delays, I am currently without numbers to crunch. So, instead, most of my week has been spent doing things I have been putting off forever. Mundane things, if you will, and working on photography stuff.  So, a pretty good week.  I even managed to run AND bike at least once. I forget how much I love to ride until I just get out there and go.  Plus, I love the completely dorky shorts tan you get.  Side note:  I used to be a anti-tan-line girl and I would go to painstaking lengths to make sure I didn’t have any tan lines for too long.  Ever since I started running and actually being active, I take my weird tan lines with pride.  (I know too much sun is bad for me, I do actually where sunscreen occasionally)  In fact I don’t think this racerback tan I’ve got going will ever go away.  Like my father’s farmer’s tan – the mark of running and biking will forever be on me.  Anyway, I actually got a lot accomplished in the photo realm this week, especially in regards to my business.  Got some boring bookkeeping stuff out of the way and also got new images uploaded to the main site [www.karynkelbaugh.com].  I’ve pretty much been doing a session at least every weekend for the past month, so I’ve had a lot to edit.  (I know not a lot compared to some) Anyhow, I’m finally getting through all of those edits and got some new ink for my ink-sucking Epson so that I can make my DVDs all pretty like.  And of course, I can’t forget to mention the wonderful branding advice I received from Kristen who is awesome!

This picture you see above was one I took yesterday for the good old self-portrait project. For once I thought I’d have a little fun and play with some lighting and post-processing and actually do something more than just point the camera at myself while sitting at my desk.  This didn’t end up being the ‘official’ 365 pic, but I took several and they’re all over at flickr. Just click on the pic if you want to see more.  I hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing weekend, filled with sleeping in, pancake breakfasts, yummy coffee, and ice cream on Sunday afternoon.  Oh, and Happy May Day!

Anyone else going to see X-Men: Origins this weekend?

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