Love Thursday: My First Wedding

There are few places where you can see more examples and demonstrations of love than at a wedding.  2 weeks ago, a little bit on purpose and a little bit by chance, I photographed my first for real wedding.  It was awesome and weird and surreal and fabulous all at the same time.  Awesome and fabulous because I’ve known the bride’s family for about 11 years now (wow, that is a long time since freshman year) and the groom’s family was awesome and it was just a wonderful, happy, joyful experience all around.  Weird and surreal because I was IT.  I actually got ‘first dibs’ on the DANCE pictures and the WEDDING ITSELF pictures.  No longer was I relegated to the view from the one aisle seat I could muster. Oh no, I was out and about. Totally surreal. But awesome.

But enough about that.  Today is Love Thursday and there were so many LOVE pictures – it was difficult to choose, but since you’ve seen the love of the bride and groom (see previous post), I thought I’d show some of the love floating around the rest of the day…

And because I can, here’s some love, {my} family style, that I captured during the rest of my time at home.

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  • Heather - Oh, you’re funny. I’m now charging you something every time you use my likeness on the internet.

  • k - But it’s LOVE THURSDAY! You look great in this pic!

  • margie and kath - i read the caption and thought to myself, mmm, maybe she didn’t look so good at her second wedding so she’s just putting up the first one. lol. sometimes i wonder how my mind works, or doesn’t. happy love thursday. the photos are gorgeous.

  • elk - here from Love Thursday to say these are wonderful happy shots!

  • Katie in MA - What a great Love Thursday post! Wedding photos are alawys fun, but I am especially drawn to the bottom pic: you can see real attachment, down-in-your-toes everyday love there.

  • Heather - Ok, I treasure this pic more each time I look at it again. And Katie in MA, you’re making me cry. That’s my Sara on my arm in that pic, and she is ALL about down-in-your-toes everything, including love.

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