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Ok, time for more story.  This is straight out of the journal.

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5.9.09 Wonderful day! We got up at 10ish and had breakfast – potato bread w/butter and chocolate sprinkles “w/prizes”.  (I kid you not-think special colorful sprinkles in with the ‘boring’ choc ones) Apparently chocolate sprinkles on your bread is big here.  Very good.  Had cute little espresso cups in their (T&C) fancy machine.  We all got ready to go and headed to Rothenburg ob der Tauber.  It only took 2 hours driving, and we got off the A-1 highway and went part of the way on the ‘Romantic Road‘.  It is a wonderful historic German city with quite an interesting past.  The old city is surrounded by a huge stone wall and you can walk around the top of the wall as well.   We got there and found some lunch in a little ‘sidewalk’ (more like cobblestone) cafe and had some yummy bratwurst.  I had the Grillerbratwurst mit Brötchen  (brat on bun) and a ‘coke light’, and John had bratwurst with curry sauce and fries.  Good too, he also had his first ‘fresh’ German beir.  After that we walked around the city and found one of the wall entrances and explored the wall.  It got interesting at times, with climbing up/down some of the towers.  These things are old.  Although much of the wall was rebuilt after WW2 when 40% of the town was destroyed by bombing (as we learned later).  After the wall, we went and found a little bakery and got some delicious cake. Yum!  The weather was perfect today, and even got a little warm with the sun out.

Then we did a little more walking around before dinner & . . .(writing break for sleep)… we visited a little shop that had a cute bag I liked.  It also happened to be in the Rick Steves book.  We walked in and Annaleise Freise, the owner, immediately asked us if we were “Rick Steves‘ people”.  Apparently we have a look that says “Rick Steves”. =)  She called us over and showed us all of these pictures from Rick Steves from either his visits to her store, or holiday cards he has sent to her.  It was so cute!  She even showed us a pic from when he first visited in the 70’s and he had long har and was with some friends.  She said he was like a son to her.  She had the pictures all over, once you looked around.  She was very sweet and gave us each (me and Cheryl) a Rothenburg foldout map – autographed by her =) and inside was a smaller black and white map that she showed us was the map that Rick used in his book.   It was all totally cute.  Plus, we got a 10% discount for being “Rick Steves people” – so I bought that adorable bag that says Rothenburg on it with cool lettering.

So, after that it was time for dinner so we headed to a cellar restaurant called Bürgerkeller (bürger means townsman), run by a jovial and funny man named Harry Terian.  It was so neat with nice tables and murals on the walls.  And of course, this was a RS (Rick Steves) place too, but no big deal made by us.  It’s just nice to know about a place before you go.  For instance, he (the owner) likes oldies music, and that’s what was playing.  John had pork and a potato dumpling type thing and I had vegetarian schnitzel – fried dutch cheese – SO GOOD with berry jam and boiled potatoes, salad, etc.  I also tried a Radler – half beer, half lemonade, which was ok.. but still tasted more to me like beer than lemonade.  The owner started telling lots of German/Dutch jokes once he found out that Tim was Dutch – but he was friendly and picked on us Americans too.  After some coffee we ran (literally) off to catch the Night Watchman tour that met in the square.  The English version started @ 8pm.  There was a very large crown gathered.  It was a one hour walking tour around part of the old city and he explained a lot of the major history of the town and of the Night Watchmen.  It was a great tour.  After that it was time to go, so we headed back to the car and back to Tim & Cheryl’s.  Of course, we encountered a pretty spectacular thunderstorm and had to drive slow for awhile – but I got some great pics of that too.  Played some Wii and then crashed.  It was a great day!

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  • Katie in MA - Gosh, it’s all so beautiful! How did you ever leave? I love the walls and the old buildings and the history of it all.

  • k - The key to making yourself leave is to pay for the ticket out already. But yes, it was tough – luckily we had much more to see so we just kept on moving.

    The history of everything is what is so amazing. It’s all sooooo old.

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