Auf Wiedersehen Deutschland (Day 6)

Our last day in Germany. We were back in Munich and there was still so much more to see. Another day, another journal entry and more pictures of course.


Ok, we are on our plane right now to Dublin, Ireland! Woohoo! [yes, i wrote that] Auf Wiedersehen Germany! But this is all about Germany, because that’s where we still were all day (late flight). So we got up and ready to go this morning (had to check out). Had some more great breakfast – I think that this hotel’s (Uhland) breakfast will be hard to top. While we’re in the apartments in Dublin and London, we will be on our own for breakfast, which will at least get us out in the morning. But it sure was nice to have it included here. Hopefully our other hotels will have some good breakfast too. Anyway…so we checked out, had the hotel hold our bags and went out for the day. First a friendly visit to the Geldautomaten (ATM) and then to see the Sendlinger Tor – one of the original gates to the city of Munchen.

Very neat and looked odd amongst all the more modern buildings. Took a few pics and went down the street to Asamkirche (church) – went in and oh my goodness Rick Steve’s was not kidding about it being drippy and gooey – with Rococo style that is.  There literally was gold leaf and gold all over and it was probably the most completely ornate, suffocating inside of a building, ever.  Seriously, I didn’t think it was possible to feel claustrophobic and depressed in a church – apparently it is.  Yikes.

Onward to the Residenz and touring the palace and treasury.  We got little audio guides to listen to while we toured.  I was allowed to take pictures (yay!) but no flash – no problem.

However, if the room was too dark, the meter light would come on for a second and one guard guy thought it was a flash  – so I had to shoot the rest of the time using manual focus – hope my eyes were focusing well today.  We’ll see.

Then lunch over at one of the main beirgartens that is shared by the 6 main breweries of Munich.  They are the only ones allowed to sell beer at Oktoberfest because they brew their beer inside the city walls.  They rotate serving their beers at this beirgarten.  Today they were serving Hofbrau beir.  Helles – standard brew weiss – wheat beir, Dunkle – dark.  We had Bratwurst semmel (brat on a bun), Breze (pretzel) and coke and beir.  I actually managed to order IN German.  It went ok. 😉  We sat and enjoyed lunch in the shade of the Chestnut trees hanging over the beirgarten.

Then we browsed the market and I almost bought a lot of things, but they were just too delicate to buy this early in our trip.

Then we did more browsing at a nearby department store and along one of the main shopping streets [this was my ‘shopping time’ in Munich] on our way to Alte Pinakothek – one of the major classical art museums.  Lots of beautiful paintings from the greats like Leonardo da Vinci.  I was allowed to take pictures again and of course just used manual focus the whole time to avoid any problems.  I really just didn’t want to be yelled at by a German, in German.  That was a goal of mine this trip. 😉

Then we hiked our tired selves back to the hotel, picked up our luggage and walked to the Haupfbanhof (train station).  Getting our tickets and getting on our train were a bit fun – but we made it and everything was fine. We got to the airport and had to check J’s bag because it was a few kgs too heavy – so she said – extra 18 euros! Ugh!  Anyway, we got on safe and we are landing shortly!

[Now in Ireland – landed about 10:15pm Ireland time]

…. We landed and after some figuring out we got on an Airlink Bus towards central Dublin.  Of course, the bus we needed was no longer running, but another bus dropped us sort of close.  It was raining lightly, but not too bad.  I think it took us about 20-30 minutes to walk to our apartment place.  But we found it!  It’s right next to the river (seriously, less than one block) and really not too far from most places – they just seem farther when it’s raining and you’re carrying luggage. =)  Our place is very nice, modern – great if you were traveling with family or a bunch of friends.  It took me awhile (re: one wash cycle) to decipher the washing/dryer machine, but we’ve got it now. Off to bed!

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  • Katie in MA - What an amazing trip!! I am having a great time vacationing vicariously!

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