Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

I don’t honestly have too much time to post today…clearly I’ve been here since Monday night and haven’t written a word. But here in the big W, things cost money, like internet time – unless of course you want to sit in the lobby aka the  “Living Room” and use the free stuff – which i just don’t have time for. So the roomy and I decided to buy one day of room access $ for the interweb – and i’ve finally got a few minutes where I’m not listening intently to one of the ladies teach, or going and doing a shoot with a model (like we did today!!! 4 photographers per model – it was awesome) or eating or editing images or just having fun making up our own plans and executing our crazy ideas.  So here is one of my favorite images of our hotel here in Atlanta. Love it here. Hopefully I can post again soon. I can’t WAIT to show you more images.

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  • mommyknows - Are you learning tons? I wish I were there.

  • Katie in MA - What a beautiful shot! Can’t wait to see the others…

  • Karyn - …….I have learned tons! I can’t wait to post about it all!

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