Be cool.

Nothing sounded like a good idea to post today. No, not even Europe pictures – because that is no small task and it’s just too hot! But then I remembered that I took a small series of photos of my friend Jeffiner training for her off road triathlon next month – and thought – well, that’s just about perfect.  So on this 102 degree day – I leave you with an image of what else: staying cool in the pool.

And this is doubling as my Love Thursday post – because I genuinely LOVE to swim, and seeing my friend get better and better since starting to swim last year is just awesome. And now she’s going to go swim in an open water swim in a lake! She rocks!! And she’s learning Spanish, AND she found out how to grow rhubarb in Texas and is going to show me how! So this Love Thursday, it’s all about loving your friends. =)

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  • E.O.W. - Love the light in this photo… Enjoy growing rhubarb!

  • Katie in MA - After you conquer rhubarb, can she teach me – um, I mean *you* – to grow lilacs and blueberries here? Because it sounds like she can conquer anything.

    Here’s to friends!

  • Karyn - She is already growing all kinds of stuff! Plus, she’s taking an urban gardening class over in Dallas!

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