Do you know of the website Strobist?  If not, you should. It is an amazing resource for lighting knowledge – and it’s just way cool.  Well, they’ve got a bit of a ‘lighting bootcamp’ going on this summer. They issue assignments and then they select winners from the submitted images – so these are actually judged, not randomly picked (re: they must be great to win) – and the winners actually win awesome things.  I missed assignment #1, but I’m ready to go for #2.  To read the full details of Assignment #2 click HERE.  But the basic premise is to take a great, well lit image of food.  Something edible, to be more precise.  The deadline is July 11th, so I have a bit of time to prepare and come up with a great food idea.  So I encourage all you camera owners out there to give this a try and enter! (Just make sure you read ALL of the instructions) But if you don’t feel like conforming to the guidelines there – submit your favorite food image that either you’ve taken, or you just love to look at, in the comments here.

And if anyone has any great food picture ideas for me…. feel free to let me know! Thanks!

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