Slip ‘n Slide for People over 10

The real title of this was “Slip ‘n Slide for grown ups people over 10″ but they wouldn’t let me put strikethrough text in the title – so sad.  Anyway, my friend Sam had a party last weekend – and weeks before the party, I made an offhand suggestion that he should rent a slip ‘n slide.  Now, in my head, THIS ONE was the one I was thinking of….but apparently that costs like $4000 for a day or something. Ouch. But I give the man credit – he found one and rented it. So I thought I’d share a few fun pics from the party.

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  • Kath - Looks like such a fun party. … I love the worn out golden retriever.

  • Katie in MA - How fun!! I love the sepia pic of the guys…they totally look like 10 year olds. 🙂

  • mommyknows - OMG … I need, need, need to rent this today! It’s 95f in the great Canadian sun!

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