Someone in this house might be having a birthday today…

How do I know? Because why else would I be making this cake!

It’s two of his favorite things – Spice cake and Blackberries. Together. At last.

So the rest of this week and the weekend are just jam packed.  Seriously. Luckily, the highs over the weekend – get this – only in the mid 90’s!!! That’s a good 10 degrees cooler than it’s been for the past 7 -10 days! Which will be nice for J and his college buddies who are flying in for their yearly guys’ weekend. Seeing as they are planning to play golf one morning. I pictured them stumbling in mumbling ‘water, water’ after playing in the heat. At least now, it won’t be quite so bad.

Small HP aside:

Let’s see, last night Charlene and I went and say the Harry Potter 6 movie!! Awesome and well done, with of course the obvious exceptions of changes from the book. I purposefully did not reread book 6 this time before seeing the movie simply so that I could enjoy it as it was, without completely over analyzing it the entire time. Of course we were doing that AFTER the movie, but it’s better than spending the whole time watching it filled with simmering anger because they had to leave out SOOOO MUCH.  I’ve come to think of the book storyline and the movie storyline as two different things. While I think they complement each other, sometimes they are just best enjoyed separately.  If you never read the books, you would LOVE the movies, but if you’ve read them…then the movies are just missing things that are crucial to the story.  That’s just how it is.

And back to the normally scheduled post…  =)

So today is going to be spent finishing cleaning the house and getting ready for our guests, finishing the cake (which is currently iced : technically) and awaiting the blackberry decoration on top. Thanks again to Charlene for the cake leveler. It totally saved me, I could NOT have done this with a knife. At all.

Then tomorrow they are off on their guys weekend adventures and I can stay here and get some more work done. But Saturday, that is full of fun. Baby shower in Dallas in the morning, then back to Fort Worth for our friends party – he’s renting an inflatable slip ‘n slide – how awesome (I will take credit for the idea, tyvm) – he gets all the credit for actually doing it.  And that involves BBQ goodness. And after that another lovely friend of mine is ABSOLUTELY NOT having a birthday of any sort, but just feels like going out and having some yummy food and watching inappropriately funny movies.  That’s all. =)

Sunday will be spent in recovery and cleanup mode.

So have a great weekend everyone. And yes, I will post a final pic of the cake. And the recipe is HERE. Just please don’t judge me if my cake doesn’t look like that. It’s all about the taste, people! =)

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