Tri-umphant | Fort Worth, Texas Triathlete Photographer

Here are several more pictures from Jeffiner’s awesome off road triathlon.  These give you a little better idea of the whole experience.  Re: we started very early that morning.  I actually didn’t go to sleep the night before, so that was fun. Thankfully, she did. Go JC!!!

This was her “I can’t believe I signed up for this” face.

I’m missing a few cycling shots (this is a triathlon after all) but I have them, I just didn’t have them ready to post.

Her real support crew.

Now that’s an excuse to go buy some new shoes.

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  • Katie in MA - I LOVE the pic of her looking out over the water. And I’m also glad you posted a pic of the side of the swim cap. Because the first one cut off the writing and I was all, “Why does it say Kiefer Sutherland on her swim cap??” 🙂

  • mommyknows - I love these photos, especially the bokeh in the drink shot. Fabulous!

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