Cool Pictures That I Didn’t Take

Yes, sometimes we get all caught up in the business side of running a photography business, and we forget to have fun.  I try my best to avoid this, (and sometimes the business side might pay the price) by just playing and having fun and doing crazy things. Some of the best inspiration for new ideas and skills to learn, things to try comes from people all over the world who share their wonderful gifts, experiments, and random awesome ‘mistakes’ with the rest of us on  So tonight I’m just posting a few (with links) of the awesomeness that’s inspired me lately.

And there are tons more, but to save time, here is the link to my Flickr Favorites
Enjoy! And share your favorites!
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  • Katie in MA - Ha! That top one is really fun. (And you *do* do a fabulous job of staying creative, in my humble opinion!)

  • mommyknows - I’d love to be good enough to get caught up in the business side.

    I’m going to check out all of your inspirational links. I love to find ‘new’ talent 🙂

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