Love Thursday: Meet Chuck and Blaze

Yes, I’m introducing you to our new plants. Yes, a little bit weird, I know. Doesn’t exactly make sense for Love Thursday? Maybe not.  But we have high hopes for these plants, and I thought maybe if I were to pump them up, you know, give them some blog time, that might encourage them to survive and thrive in our yard. Yes, I’ll resort to flattery and blog time to get things to grow around here.

First, let’s meet Blaze. Blaze is a lovely maple tree that we are hoping will eventually provide shade to our AC unit and someday, the house.  Of course, the likelihood that we’ll still be here for the shade-to-the-house part is pretty darn low, so you’re welcome future owners of this house.  When we were looking for the tree to plant, my lone criteria was big leaves. None of these tiny, get stuck in the unrakable grass things… and this guy’s ‘official name’ is Autumn Blaze. Bonus! Picture worthy fall leaves in Texas are not that common, so he’s a winner!

Up next are our 4 new shrub things. Their official name is “Texas Ranger”, so obviously, I named them Chuck Norris. duh.  I have high hopes for the Chucks. They are West Texas natives, and they THRIVE in drought and desert like conditions! Sweet – that’s exactly what the west side of our house is like most of the year! Plus, they have soft leaves and bloom little happy purple flowers in the summer and when it rains.

So…thanks to the riduculous amount of rain we’ve had recently, I think they’re all off to a great start. Hope you’ve enjoyed my random what’s-in-our-yard arboricultural tangent…

Oh, and you Texas residents out there, perennial plant suggestions are always welcome. We need all the help we can get.

Happy Love Thursday everyone!

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  • Katie in MA - My only suggestion would be: cacti. My cactus is the only thing (besides my girls) that I haven’t killed yet. She is as tall as the ceiling and her name is Black Betty. Isn’t that an AWESOME name for a 10-foot cactus? I am also in love with your Chucks. Very well-named. I might have to steal it (…the name, not the plants)(although…). Ahem.

    But my very favorite part of your post was when you said your Chucks are supposed to bloom “in the summer and when it rains.” Because we all know here in TX they are mutually exclusive. Details like that make me smile. 🙂

  • kim @ mommyknows - Being Canadian, I love a good maple! It also means I’ll be NO help at all with TX planting suggestions.

  • k - update: it’s november 2, and blaze blazed very quickly and has now lost all of his leaves. i’ll need to be on my toes next year and check him daily come October!

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