A Birthday Catchall Post | Happy Birthday Parents!

I love you Mom & Dad.  I show this love by posting your pictures on the internet.  Hehe.  In my defense, Mom, you asked me to take this picture of you = rare.  So I feel justified in posting it.  I have another I would rather post, but will just mail to my siblings instead. =)  Today is my Mom’s birthday and 10 days ago was my Dad’s.  I visited Ohio back in October and actually got their presents to them early!!  Mom loves England and all fun things British, so when we were in London this year I got her a London t-shirt. I know, right! Awesome daughter alert. 😉  And Dad’s gift has some story behind it.  A long time ago…. in an old car, he had placed his favorite record. The Mamas and Papas, that contained his favorite song – ” Monday, Monday”.  Well, it was too hot one day and “Monday, Monday” melted.  Not the whole record – just “Monday, Monday”.  So I’ve spent the past several years during trips to Half Price Books searching for these records.  And it just so happens that this year I found a bunch of them. So I got him a backup. Just in case. =)

I love you Mom & Dad.  Happy Birthdays!!!!

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  • auntie n - boy — did they ever get old!!!!!!!!!!!!

    acutually, Karyn, I been wanting to email you & say that you take awesome pictures —

    are you coming for the family Christmas???

    love ya,

  • k - No, we won’t be home for the family Christmas – bummer! Have lots of fun, play cards and eat too much for me!!

  • Katie in MA - Happy Birthday to your parents! Such sweet stories behind the gifts – and sweet stories are what make families FAMILIES. 🙂

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