Being Thankful is its Own Reward. However…

Thanks to everyone who commented and tweeted on the Thankful post to enter the itunes gift card giveaway! Your comments were so wonderful and heartfelt and it just made me smile to read them all. You are all wonderful and deserve great things…but alas, there was just one gift card to give.

And the lucky winner of that card is Rebecca G!  Wahoo!!!!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving holiday and have a wonderful Christmas season!  Stay tuned, especially you folks in the DFW area, because I’ll be announcing an even bigger and better giveaway this week that’s just going to rock.

Have a great Day!!!

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  • Katie in MA - I loved reading the List O’ Gratefulness, too. It’s hard to feel too blue about anything when you read a list as great as that.

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