Dangerous Territory

There are a lot of places in this world that are truly not safe – for different reasons.  Today, I went to a place that is one of the most dangerous places for a woman to go.  One where, if you enter, you are likely to have to pay some sort of ransom just to get out.

The mall.

Specifically, a certain mall in Dallas that I just stopped in quickly, to get a few things at the wonderful Paper Source store.  Except that when I walked in the doors, Ann Taylor LOFT was right there, and I just went right in.  I was actually looking for something specific that I had talked one of my friends into buying several weeks ago, and had been wanting for myself ever since.  But as any of you who shop there know, that store has about the fastest clothing lifecycle I’ve ever seen.  So I had to look ALL OVER the completely extra big Dallas version of this store to find it – but it wasn’t there anymore.  Sad.  Luckily, there were racks and racks of things, and enticing sale options to keep me occupied as I searched.  They’re so considerate like that.  So I grabbed a few cute enough looking things to try on.  It really is best if I try things on – because then I KNOW I don’t like them, and just let it go and move on.  Fortunately, several of the things, including a dress that would certainly look adorable on anyone else, did not suit me at all.  Easy enough.  But then there was the skirt… which has poooooooooockets! and we know I’m a total sucker for pockets.  But amazingly, my rational (not rationalizing) brain took over and actually reminded me that in fact, where in the world would I ever actually wear this?  Sure, I could invent lovely scenarios where someone would wear this…and the way-too-good-at-her-job saleswoman helpfully pointed out that it would be adorable with colorful tights…hmmm.  But no.  At least not until it goes on sale.  So, in about 3 days or so?  But of course – not wanting to let go completely…I took the requisite cell phone picture of me in the skirt to show to my friends and get opinions.  Naturally.  Are you enjoying the play-by-play of my mall hostage shopping experience?

I was able to resist the rest, except – the one thing that I’m really needing new right now…jeans.  And there was of course a sale.  I mean, buy one get one 50% off jeans – how could you resist?  But I did.  Sort of.  I only bought one pair. [all the bargain hunters gasp]  I know.  What was I thinking only spending X when I could’ve spent 150% x X.  Trust me, I know all the shoppers rationalizing math by heart.  And those salesladies were reeeally good at their jobs, but apparently no match for my “but i don’t want to spent that much” mind today. Yippee.

So, that over with, I set out to find Paper Source.  Apparently, if I had just gone to the right…I would have found PS in about 3 stores down.  I however, chose to go left.  Which took me all the way around.  I realized this about halfway around as I easily passed by stores like Coach and BSGSBCGSBSCG or whatever it’s called and others that were so expensive I’ve never even heard of them.  But I figured I’d just keep going and eventually I would get there.  But no one had warned me about what was up ahead.  I follow this store on twitter, partially because I never thought I would be in a city where it existed and would tempt me to enter.  I thought I was safe.  I was not.  Anthropologie.  There it was.  Nooooooooooo.  I’m scared to even describe so as not to tempt those of you who up until now have been blissfully unaware of its existence.  You’re safer that way.  Trust me.  Danger lurks within.  Danger in the form of ADORABLE. SOFT. ECLECTIC. EVERYTHING.  But amazingly…without going into too much detail, I made it out of that store for the small ransom of $12.  They actually had something I needed and had been looking for.   So needless to say, if you are looking for Christmas ideas for me, I have a catalog I’d like to send you.  =)

Finally, I made it to Paper Source, the purpose of my trip into the mall.  Wonderful of wonderfuls store of imagination and paper inspiration.  And I’m not saying what I bought there.  That there stuff is for my wonderful clients. =)  So amazingly, my ransom was low for this trip, but it could’ve been so much worse.  Thank goodness for lessons learned and ransoms already paid.   So watch out ladies, be careful, be safe.

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  • Amber - i know anthropologie hurts so good…..

  • Lori - I think that when you go to the mall you are supposed to take a buddy. Someone who will be a voice of reason and will keeep you on the straight and narrow. It sounds like you escaped mostly unscathed—-but next time—-don’t risk it!!!! Take me with you!!!! Just for the safety factor…..K?

  • k - Shopping with a friend is usually the best option. But i’m warning you – if you shop with me, let me know BEFORE WE ENTER THE MALL whether you want me to talk you out of buying things, or into buying. I’m surprisingly persuasive when it comes to shopping. Maybe I should have been a sales lady. ha.

  • Valarie - This cracks me up! I’m glad to know you also feel held hostage by the mall. I personally am held hostage by Forever 21 on a regular basis. So much so that Matt won’t even let me go in there when we are together. Oh, and ANTHROPOLGIE. And it’s soooo not easy when you have one close enough by your office that you could easily just “stop by” on your lunch break. These stores hold me hostage so badly that I go around, pick things to try on, try them on, then go around again….you know, in case I missed anyhting the first time around, then I try those things on then I go around again….! 🙂 Oh, and I always buy the second pair. Always. I envy your willpower!

  • Sarah Johnson - Next time you come up we will go to the Anthropolgie in Southlake…..and you can help me shop! I am the worst at it!

  • Catie Ronquillo - I love pockets too! 🙂 And maybe blinders would be a good Christmas purchase for the next trip to NorthPark. 🙂

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