I’m Thankful For…Giveaways!

So, guess what!  I’m giving away a little something for nothing. Ok, not nothing, but it’s easy and good for you.  I’m giving away (1) FREE $25 gift card to iTunes! Because it’s almost time to start listening to that wonderful music of the season and there is always new and wonderful gotta-have-it-right-nows out there!  All you have to do to enter for a chance to win the gift card…it’s so simple.  Between NOW (“now, it’s happening now”) and THEN (Midnight CST) on Thanksgiving (November 26, 2009) just comment on this here post and tell us all what you’re thankful for.  It’s that simple.

When will THEN be NOW? Soon… (any know the quote?)

Those Glorious Limitations:

You can be entered up to (2) times in the drawing.

  • A thankful comment gets you one entry.
  • If you Twitter and mention this post and @karynkelbaugh (so that I know you tweeted), that will also get your name in the drawing as well!

So that’s like 2 whole chances right there!

Mom, if you’re reading this – I’m sorry you’re not eligible.  Sorry too brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts, uncles and yes, even Grandma.  I’m thankful for all of you, and I’ll make you dinner if you come and visit, but you can’t win this card, family. =) Also, facebook comments are awesome, but to enter the drawing, please comment on the blog itself. Thanks. At least for this time around I can only ship to USA folks, sorry!

So, share the love! Tell me what, whom, wherever you’re thankful for and win something free perhaps, in the process.

*I will select the winner by random drawing and announce on here the Monday after Thanksgiving.  Please use your real email address when leaving your comment in case you win so that I can find you!

Share the love. Spread the word. Give thanks!

I’ll start…


I’m thankful for my wonderful Grandma Betty, who got me excited about cooking and amazes me and makes me smile every time I talk to her, and read her emails.  She even let me sign her up for Facebook! Watch out! =) I’m also thankful for wonderful internet friends who are becoming real friends. That’s just cool right there.

Your turn…

(itunes and Apple have nothing to do with this giveaway, I just picked itunes cause it sounded like a good idea. =)
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  • Heather Hurley - I am thankful for my family and friends. I may not always be the easiest to deal with or get along with, but I truly appreciate knowing you are there for me. I’m sorry if I’ve taken you all for granted. My two beautiful daughters help make my days brighter!!!

  • JaNae Fannin - I am thankful that my husband has a really good job so that I can stay at home with my 2 little ones. Even though the days are crazy, I love being able to be with them and watch them grow up (which is happening way too quickly)! Now, I’m off to find some tissues….

  • Todd E. Jones - Aside being thankful for you Karyn :), I am thankful for my cat. She has been with me all year long and continued to purr and be cuddly as I have had one my most difficult years. Thanks Serafina!

    Todd E. Jones

  • trin - I am most thankful for my family. My mom, my kids and all, okay well most , of the rest.
    I look at them and my heart just swells with love and joy.
    There is no better feeling than knowing ur loved.

  • Rebecca Graham - I am thankful for my two sons and proud of the way they are living their lives.

  • Melissa Lacy - I’m thankful for my wonderful dog, Brady. No matter what, he’s always there with a tail wagging!!
    Oh yeah, and thankful for my daughter and husband and the rest of my family and friends, too!

  • Jon Fornuff - I’m thankful for indoor plumbing. Nothing is worse than pooping outside in the cold.

  • Chelsey - Well, seeing your image of Grandma Betty made me think of my own grandparents & how thankful I am that they get to know their great grandbabies. That is amazing. And I’m thankful that these great grandbabies, even at the youngest of ages (3.5 & 1.5) know, recognize & love their great grandparents just as much. Aaahh! 🙂 And some of my grandparents e-mail too 🙂 isn’t that the coolest! 🙂

  • Juan Carlos - Ur post is very sweet! Hi from México! ^^

    Tweeted: http://twitter.com/JamesDraco/statuses/5444126881

  • Danielle Darnell - I love the idea behind this post, so thanks for that first of all! Secondly, I am thankful for my husband and his willingness to stand with me in pursuing my dreams. In this economy he supported my decision to leave my full-time job, move, attend grad school and pursue the career I am passionate about. In addition, he decided to do the same and we could not be happier! I am thankful for his support, encouragement, and willingness to embrace adventure & forgo stability to pursue our dreams.

  • Karyn - I just have to say I am loving these comments. You are all so inspiring!

  • Robert - I’m thankful for my parents. For my childhood memories, being sensitive to other people’s feelings, supporting my dreams, being able to laugh when the going gets tough. I’m happy we still enjoy our time together :).

  • Katie in MA - I am thankful that I had the courage to find my own happiness, and for my family and friends who held my hand when the going got tough (and scary), and for my lovely bloggy friends and audience who listen to me “talk” out my worries and adventures one blog post at a time. I’m thankful for all the everyday-details that make life’s craziness bearable – venti nonfat lattes and red leaves and packages and kickass photos that give me goosebumps. I’m thankful that I’ve already met my goal of reading 25 books this year (57 and counting) and that I’ve found a few that I’ll re-read season after season and that will be become old friends. I’m thankful that I’ve thought to write down my mom’s stories, that my daughter is learning to read, and that my other daughter will answer, “I yuv you, too, Mommy!” no matter how many times I say it (seriously – I’ve tested her). I’m thankful for so, *so* many things…including blog assignments without word limits. 🙂

  • Elizabeth Moore - At 38 years old I had been told my entire life I could not have children. I believed it, accepted it, and convinced myself that I didn’t even want one. After three urine pregnancy tests, a blood test, and an ultrasound I was told by my OB/GYN it was time to get over the denial I was pregnant. Because of my age, family genetics, and my own personal health I was lumped into that awful group called “high risk pregnancies” and it was not an easy seven months but I had my beautiful Hannah two months early. She was in the NICU for two weeks; the longest two weeks of her father and my lives I would imagine but she will be 3 years old on 2/27/2010. She is healthy, smart, beautiful, and has a wonderful sense of humor for a child of her age. She loves life and to laugh. She is stubborn like her mother so no she is not perfect by any stretch but she is truly my best accomplishment and I am thankful for her more than I could ever begin to express. I work two jobs to give her all that she needs and when I am exhausted and think I can’t go anymore I think of things she does to make me laugh like the time she was at daycare all day long crossing her arms according to her teacher as she expressed concerns that she wouldn’t do anything that day. It was because she loves bandaids and the one on her arm was about to fall off and she didn’t want it to for fear her dad or I wouldn’t replace it. I am thankful for her every day of my life the good and the bad. She brings me joy beyone all description really.

  • Francoise - I am thankful for my husband, who takes really great care of me and our house, for the health of my family, good friends, these online and offline and of course I am thankful for chocolate cakes ;).

  • Francoise - And this is my RT about contest.

  • Amber - I am thankful for so much but my family and my camera are tops for me.

  • Jennifer Barr - I am thankfull for my family and a roof over my head

  • Jeffiner Cox - I’m thankful for my family and friends and job, and for holidays when I don’t have to go to my job.

  • Andrew W. - I am thankful for the things my beloved parents have given me. They always want me to do my very best. And on a day like today I’m particularly thankful for great holiday traditions.

  • Andrew W. - Tweeted here: http://twitter.com/airwizz/status/6086807347
    Happy Thanksgiving to ALL !!!

  • Anna Lenart - I’m thankful for the internet :). It became an intergral part of my life. Without it we couldn’t have blogs, online shopping, social networking. So today I say THANKS to all these very very clever people behind the internet.

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