Another Europe Post – Day 10 – Yes, We’re Still in Ireland

If you’ve totally lost track of where we are in our vacation story. HERE is the previous Europe post.


I forgot to mention one very important detail from our driving.  How much fun it was using Maggie, our nav system.  For the most part, she did a good job.  However, she had major issues with highway exits, would sometimes overlook important intersections (ignore roundabouts) and on occasion would just off and start flying.  Fun times.  So basically I had Maggie, the big Ireland map and the Rick Steve’s book and was navigating with all of these. =)

So Sunday morning we got up to drive the Ring of Kerry.  We stopped at ring forts and a little town called Sneem, where we stopped at a local bakery and got fresh cut deli sandwiches, some rhubarb pie ::glee::  and coffees.  There really is a lot of rhubarb easily available in both Germany and Ireland. Very cool. =)


look! sunshine!

Sneem, Ireland

We left Sneem and drove some more, pulling over at little pull outs all along the way to take pictures of the beautiful views.  Rick Steve’s has a km/by km tour of the Ring of Kerry in his book where he points out interesting sites – especially ones you wouldn’t have noticed on your own.

We drove the Ring clockwise so we could do our best to avoid the Parade of the Tour Buses that are required to go counter-clockwise.  There is a part of the Ring that juts out and the buses can’t go out there, so while you are on this part, just after Waterville, all the buses can pass by and you don’t have to pass hardly any.  I think we only passed a few the whole day.  Right before Waterville, we stopped and ate our lunch at a gorgeous overlook point and several tour buses came-shot-and-went while we sat there, so that saved us from passing those as well.

You can see the line where the settlers stopped bringing up seaweed and other plant material to make fertile land.  All the stone wall fences were built from the stones the settlers cleared from the land.  They just built as they went.

This is one of the old abandoned homes from the potato famine.

After we finished the Ring tour we headed around the inlet and over to Dingle [let the giggles commence] for the night.  We stayed at a B&B called Greenmount House.  It sits up on the hill overlooking town and had a wonderful view.  It was a gorgeous place.

Our room was wonderful and the owners were very friendly.  Breakfast was awesome.  Best coffee so far.  Getting ahead of myself.  We checked in (more free wifi!!) and then headed down into town for some dinner at John Moriarty’s.  I had shepherd’s pie and some more hot whiskey, it was nice with my sore throat coming on.  John had ‘Sea Trout’ which looked and tasted an awful lot like salmon.  We also did some shopping in Dingle.  I found a [insert surprise souvenirs here] for [surprise recipient of gift], and we found a really neat wool throw blanket with shamrocks on it for us.

So after dinner we started to walk back to the B&B to drop off our stuff and of course it started to pour.  So we ducked into a restaurant entryway – Fenton’s, and decided to wait out the rain at the bar.  Of course, the rain had stopped before John even got his Guinness, but it was a cute little place.  We got back and decided to stay in cause the weather got pretty nasty.  Great nights sleep.  I actually woke rested before the alarm went off.  =)

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  • Karyn - It must have been an amazing feeling to be walking in the middle of so much history… all the pictures!

  • Katie @ Can't Get There - That sheep looks so….REAL! And fish and chips. I would DIE for real fish and chips right now. So. Homesick….That pic of you from the ring fort is so cute!…I LOVE the pics of the land – so green and gorgeous! And the houses – especially the ones around the water – look so much like houses from MA…and I KNEW someone named John Moriarty! Except we called him Jack.

    I’m glad you’re taking your time with all of the Europe recaps and that you didn’t rush them all out. The pictures are all so gorgeous! And it’s nice to have all that green in the middle of this so-called-winter. 🙂

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