And then there were 361.

The first Monday is over (mostly).  How was yours?

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  • Heather - It ’twas good! The floor-measuring-estimate people actually came early and were very helpful….AND big news in my little world…I found a GREAT piano teacher for L and D that only lives 5 minutes away who just happened to have 2 openings left and they have their first lesson Friday morning!

  • Karyn - Yipee! Good news all around! Can’t wait to hear them play! =)

  • Katie in MA - What a gorgeous pic! My Monday was…hot and cold. I performed a minor mommy miracle and found a missing Bear. Work was meh. I got into a fight with the Ex. But, I had a pretty good at-home date. So I guess it was a mixed bag. One Monday down. Many more to go.

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