Burritos & Brisket in Bulk, Oh My! | More Cooking Adventures At Our House

Admit it. You laughed at the title. You may have groaned too, but you laughed. =)

This weekend I had some help from my awesome friend and excellent cook Charlene, who has starred in previous kitchen endeavors such as, “Let’s See How Many Different Kinds of Christmas Cookies and Treats We Can Make in One Day” and the ever popular, “Chocolate Truffle Day ‘O Fun”.  On the menu this time was Shredded Brisket, Rio Rancho Taco Meat, and of course, as many Breakfast Burritos as we could make.  Photo credit goes to my husband for snagging a few photos in between helping us out. It all went fairly smoothly, aside from my tendency to fling hamburger across the counter.  Good times.

We had a system for building the burritos. I built, Charlene wrapped.  She has a gift when it comes to syran wrap.  Some sort of weird Syran Wrap Whisperer abiliti.  Hey, works for me. That stuff does not like me.

I wish I would’ve taken a pic of the brisket when it came out of the oven. It was gorgeous.

The giant pot of taco meat.

Until next time… =)

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  • Katie in MA - And now, oddly, I have a craving for breakfast burritos. I’m blaming you… 😉

  • Mom - Now those are great pictures!!……….very educational :)… and it looks like you were having a lot of fun.

    I’m sure they have more protein than the ones we buy!

    Love ya

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