For the Fun of It | Two Birds Photography Project

Two birds? What the heck. Ok, there is an explanation.  Last year I attempted, and was partially successful at completing a photo 365 self-portrait project.  May I recommend to those who are contemplating such an endeavor. Totally go for it. Even if you don’t finish, you learn so much in the effort (including not caring as much how you look in photos- which we can all use).  However, if you would like to attempt something with a slightly higher probability of completion, may I suggest a few things.

  • 1)Do something a little less frequent, or less personal (that’s a lot of pictures of Me, myself and I to deal with), and
  • 2) Get a buddy.

So this time around, my wonderful photographer friend Amber Bishop in Florida and I had started scheming of doing something artsy and completely fun together.  We knew we wanted to do something…. but then when she wrote this post about experimenting, and the conversation continued past the comments… we had our photo project.

52 Weeks of images. 12 themes.  1 image from each of us.  paired.

It’s a chance to flex our artistic muscles without any worries of pleasing anyone but ourselves, and making art we love.  It’s about trying new and crazy things.  About asking your friends to play in traffic, or give their daughter access to the makeup bag… so I can try something out.   It’s about experimenting and seeing how differently and similarly we see things when our only inspiration to go on is a word.

Our word for January was ‘Danger’.  What a way to start the year.  Next month…well you’ll just have to wait until next Tuesday to see! =)

It’s called the Two Birds Project.   As Amber described it…

two girls….

two runners who race…

two Nikon D90’s….

two different states…..

two photography obsessions…..

two ways of looking at the same thing.

We post a new photo set every Tuesday.


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  • Katie in MA - That sounds like “too” much fun! (Get it? BWAH!) Sorry…couldn’t resist! 😛

  • JaNae - Love the one of the little girl in the makeup bag! Too cute–and all too familiar! The one to match that freaks me out a little bit–made me think of Hannibal, the part where he eats the guy’s brain. I love the shoes picture too–awesome job ladies! Can’t wait to see what next month’s word is!

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