Let The Freezer Meal Adventure Begin

So who wants to see pictures of chicken? Anyone?  😉  Yesterday we began our quest to fill the freezer full of yummy, portion controlled, ready to cook meals that can sustain us at our laziest, most uninspired moments.  And well because it’s just fun. That’s right. I said fun.

Thanks to some recent inspiration from the lovely Alicia Caine of Alicia Caine Photography and my friend Charlene who sent me THIS PICTURE!!!  I have started the ball rolling. Last week I bought the book Don’t Panic: Dinner’s in the Freezer – that is full of recipes (with multiplied amounts already calculated) and advice on how to shop, cook and package all of your frozen meals.  I think one of the most exciting (yes, exciting – if you are surprised at this, you clearly haven’t read much of this blog – I excite easily about mundane things) things was the advice on different ways to freeze meals so they are super easy to prepare and in the right portions for your family.  No more buying 3 chicken brsts but only needing two and then eating the 3rd one anyway.

After checking the fliers and seeing that chicken was on sale for $1.69/lb.  Seriously. I ventured out Saturday, walked up to the meat counter at Albertsons and kindly asked for 22lbs of their $1.69 chicken please.  Hehe.  After making sure I said Twenty-Two Pounds – the woman went to the back and came out with a whole lotta chicken.  I asked if they would tenderize it (I know – this is seriously bold stuff for me – but the ladies who wrote the book told me to ask, so I asked) – Well apparently they will, but not if it’s $1.69 chicken. 😉 Fair enough, and duly noted.  So instead of wandering around the store with my 22 lbs of chicken (buying lots of stuff to make up for their loss) I just went straight home.  Then went to my usual grocery to get the rest of the food.

Thanks to my wonderful husband who helped me cook yesterday, we ended up making 6 meals of Cilantro Chicken Enchiladas, 3 extra shredded chicken portions, and about 14 marinated chicken meal portions.  =)

And then… today I made recipe instruction cards for the meals, had them laminated for $0.25/ft !!! at Mardels and put them with each meal.  My goal is something like that PERFECT FREEZER pic [see above link from Charlene]. Oh! And I got to use my Food Saver a LOT. =) Finally!

Up next… Breakfast Burritos. =)

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  • Katie in MA - YUM! I wondered why Albertson’s had only two packages of chicken left! 🙂 I am having margarita chicken tonight – marinated in lime juice and sprinkled with bacos. The margarita I drink. 😉

  • Heather - Awesome. You need to share the Br. Burrito plan with me. We tried the homemade sausage-egg-biscuit thing for Eric, and it worked for about a week, then he said something about the egg taste made him physically unable to eat another one. He says he likes the sauce McDonalds puts in their br. burritoes. Help!

  • k - I certainly will. Did you freeze the S/e/biscuits? I am using the books basic recipe and format – but the ingredients are going to be inspired by Sonic breakfast burritos. yum yum.

  • Jeffiner - That does sound exciting! Can I look at that cookbook some time?

  • Karyn - Yes, ma’am of course. I think Charlene and I are doing the burritos this weekend if you want to join in.

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  • Tim - Love the picture style! Especially last one… you should make photos for cook books! Yum 🙂

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