Just Like In the Movies

It’s pretty simple. I watched Julie & Julia this weekend, so naturally I had to break out the big fat cookbooks and do some cooking afterwards. Of course. It’s impossible to not cook after you watch that movie. Even if you’ve never cooked before in your life, I suppose that movie would at least make you try.  At the VERY least it’s going to prompt you to order take-out.  It’s sooo all about the food.  For a moment I thought about doing something elaborate, but I settled on sweet and mini-elaborate.  No meal, just a dessert. So I got out good old HTCEV (How To Cook Everything Vegetarian), it’s the largest cookbook I have right now and YES it has desserts in it.  Did you not read the part of the title that says ‘everything’? 😉  The first recipe in the dessert section that caught my eye was Oatmeal Apple Cookies. Yum.  Mr. B mentions all these wonderful variations and substitutions, so I tried a few of them. Why not.  I love experimenting with recipes.

It only took a little shopping trip to get what I needed.  Just some nice Sunday afternoon baking.  Good times.

When they were ready I told John I had made some ‘almost vegan’ cookies.  I used all the recommended substitutions (oil for butter) (applesauce for eggs) except one. I used regular cows milk. Cause I don’t care. =)  The first 2 dozen were with dried apples. The last 12 I mixed in chopped dried cherries with the apples. So it should be me and my sister’s perfect cookie. =)

And apparently the recipe is pretty easy to find online too. It’s RIGHT HERE. [My apologies – I thought the WHOLE recipe was on there, but they happened to not include the page with the actual directions on it.  So I’ll be posting it here shortly. Sorry!]

So happy baking people.

Oh and don’t think I didn’t have a plan. Sunday afternoon + 3 dozen cookies + Sunday evening looking at those cookies + Monday looking at those cookies = Tuesday no more cookies, so I set some aside for John’s lunch Monday and I froze the rest. Yep.  And I’ve only had 2 (after the initial tasting of course) so far!!

So as Julie and Julia would say…

Bon Appetit!

(And see how nice I was for not posting the cookie pictures at the top.)

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  • Heather - Like the new layout!

    So I should eat TWENTY-FOUR cookies and you are going to eat TWELVE. Right? If you were nice, you’d put cherries in all but one. ; )

    Seriously, they look delicious — props to the cows milk that paid for much of our childhood! — and I love your pictures.

  • Katie in MA - Those look divine! Know what else sounds good? Oatmeal, white choco chips and dried cherries. Mmmm….

  • k - Oh, you just HAD to bring chocolate into this. 😉

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