Skinny Jeans & Norah Jones

You know how sometimes when you are trying to lose weight, and you are actually succeeding (for the most part, and at least for right now), and you go a little CBI (crazy bat**** insane) at the mall because things you had no business buying before, suddenly fit AND sort of look good on you?  Yeah, that’s me right now.  The only reason I will call my purchase CBI is not because of the size (the size is the right size, it’s just the way I don’t have to pretend to FIT into that size), it’s because it’s kinda trendy.  I tend to avoid trendy.  Although I gave this one a LOT of time to become slightly less of-the-moment trendy. Typically by the time things show up in my favorite store (I love/hate you ATL (not Atlanta, think people, think)), they have morphed into something that suggests trendy but doesn’t scream it.  Although sometimes I think the clothes in that store are designed by two women, a daughter and a mother, fighting over what goes in the closet.

Anyways, the newlywed Mrs. M and I went shopping yesterday and I tried on the skinny jeans.  Not because I wanted skinny jeans. Oh no. That would make too much sense. I tried them on because THE DENIM WAS SOFT.  Seriously.  That’s the whole reason.  I am a sucker for comfy stuff, and apparently the Jean Makers of the World have decided that all of the comfy, soft denim in the world will go into trendy jeans.  Specifically skinny jeans.  Soft comfy boot cut jeans? Don’t exist.  These skinny jeans – I’m not talking soft as in won’t stand up by themselves, I’m not even talking just good waistband soft, I’m talking, when can I turn these into a pillowcase so I can lay my head on them soft.

So – of course, they fit. They were comfortable, 3 people, at least 1 of which had MY interests in mind, said they looked good on me.  I tried everything I could to say no.  I pummeled one of the sales girls with questions about shoe options, how bad was the BC factor when bending over, etc., what was the stretch/shrink rating, boots, no boots….so many questions.  I even worried (and still am) about whether I could get them over my thighs once I started running consistently again.  (Yeah, there’s a reason I haven’t blogged about it lately). Ahem.

So…I bought them. (For the record they are “slim” jeans, but um, I see no real difference)  This should be interesting.  Next up – maybe I’ll finally get some real boots.

And, I bought the new Norah Jones album yesterday. Loving it, loving it. Man of the Hour is my favorite song right now. I can’t wait to play it to death so I know all the songs.

Have a good Love Thursday, all.  I’m going to turn up my new Norah Jones album and chill out.

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  • Ashley - Is it the one with the pirate song? Cus I LOVE the pirate song.

  • Katie in MA - Go you!! You deserve them and everything else you go crazy buying. In a few months you won’t know how you ever did without those jeans…and anything else you needed. 😉

  • k - Yes, that’s the album with the pirate song. =)

  • JaNae - Good for you–I am a little jealous! While not a huge fan of skinny jeans, on me, I love it that you’re wearing them, and I’m sure that you look great. As for me, these marathon thighs will not let me wear skinny jeans–I am now a huge fan of trouser cut jeans because they don’t glue themselves to my thighs. How fun to go shopping…I am completely jealous of Mrs. M, and am not thinking about a trip to Ft Worth to see my shopping buddy!

  • JaNae - That should read…I’m now thinking about a trip, oops!

  • Karyn - Hehe. I totally knew what you meant. Yes, I’m sure once the running starts up again (and it will) I will be back in the one pair of jeans that will fit my legs when I’m actually in shape.

    And feel FREE to come and visit!!!

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