The Last 5 Things I’ve Bookmarked

I’m trying something new with my List O’ Random Things. Order. So, we’ll see how this goes.

#5 – Pixels & Ice Cream

Great place to find some super cute (including some free) /Photoshop goodies, Vector Art, etc. Love it. Love it.

#4 – Future Consumers, Lifestyles and Online Communities – impact of new technology, communications, wireless networking on business and personal life. Patrick Dixon – Futurist / Futurologist conference keynote speaker. Ok so it’s a pretty long video, but if you’ve read books like Lovemarks and other new branding type stuff, you’ll love it. Ok, maybe you’ll just think “duh!” but it’s still pretty good.

#3 – Holy Cedar Batman. Women making their own furniture that looks like Pottery Barn furniture! My people! You must go read Ana’s blog Knock Off Wood. (thanks to Charlene for telling me about that one)

#2 – The Creative Mama.  Just trust me.  Go.

#1 – Honestly. I’m not joking, even if you have no desire what-so-ever to learn about marketing. You HAVE TO GO TO THIS SITE! Or better yet – read this page and learn about the totally. awesome. Naomi Dunford.

Best. Marketing. Advice. Ever.  Just sayin’.  I must be serious because I’m totally overdoing it on the period usage. 😉

A HUGE thank you to Kristen at telling me about IttyBiz!

Ok, enjoy your afternoon coffees and your sunny weather (someone has some right?). I have a feeling there might be laundry in the dryer that may or may not have been there for the last 24 hrs… Not that that’s new or anything.


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  • Katie in MA - Can’t leave a little order out of the Random, can you? 🙂 That’s why I like you so much!

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