Wii are all athletes during the Olympics

Bad joke, whatever. At least this time around, many of us can turn on our Wii’s after the real Olympic downhill competition and attempt to show our stuff – only to realize that we are completely horrid at alpine jumping or whatever else we’re trying to do. But it still makes me smile to think of all the kids (and grown ups) who are watching this Olympics and will be inspired to try a new sport and someday might actually be in the Olympics. It just amazes me to think about it.  One of the things I love about watching the Olympics, is that even though you are glued to the coach during the events – it still inspires us all to get off the couch and go DO something.  Be active.   Personally, I am in the glued-to-the-couch phase for now…but once this cold is gone, yes I have a real cold, I want to get back into a normal workout routine.

Confession. I always thought I could be a speed skater.  IF they made a straight track.  Not the best at actually turning.  No figure skating aspirations here.  Stopping is not really my best suit.  Falling – I’m almost a professional, but stopping on purpose without falling down, not so much.  But I always could get going pretty well on the ice, and I thought if I were ever going to try any winter Olympic sport, it would be speed skating.  Now when we are watching them I think my greatest skill could’ve been to help take out a few other players as I fell… I know, that’s not very sportswoman like conduct… but if I’m going to fall anyway…  Just kidding.  So aside from the whole left turn business, I thought I could do it.  For summer Olympics it was always swimming. Surprise, surprise.

And just in case you haven’t laughed today. Here are some videos of me trying to snowboard at Breck a couple years ago. In the first one I had just finished my first lesson – I love the part where I just slowly go past the camera at the end.  Thanks dear.  The second video I was much improved, but you really can’t tell. =)  All of these were taken BEFORE the big fall that made my tailbone hurt for over 6 months. So I was at least going fast at one point for that to happen. It was fun and I would try it again, but I truly am a big fan of sledding. Can’t we have sledding resorts? Seriously.

I pretty much cry laughing every time I watch this first one.

I was REALLY trying to practice changing direction in this one. 😉
Did you have any aspirations around one sport or another in the Olympics that you thought you could do if you really tried?  Did you actually try?

(Thanks to Catie for the inspiration for this post)

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  • Catie Ronquillo - Love it! 🙂 Speed skating seems really cool. Have you seen the blades on those skates?!

  • Katie in MA - I think Office Olympics are much more my style. But forget that – I am completely obsessed with your idea of a sledding resort! Must. google. now.

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