The Cowtown 2010 Marathon | A Glimpse

If I had my way, I would have been on a really tall, albeit very secure, ladder, in the middle of all these runners coming down the hill. I also would’ve liked a shot laying on the ground in the middle of them all as the first ones came down the hill, and as they ran past. However, logic and all those angry feet say that’s not a good idea. But just so you know that what I would have done, if I could.  When I ran down this hill in 2008 in the half-marathon (which I still can’t believe I did), I thought about what a neat perspective it must be to see all these runners coming down the hill away from downtown.  I could pretend that the reason I didn’t train and race in this years race was because I really wanted to take these pictures.  So yes, let’s pretend that shall we. =)  I love running. I don’t always engage in it, but I respect it and respect those who say, ‘yes, i will run today’, especially when it scares them to death.  And having been there myself, I completely understand the person who never in a million years would imagine running, like, more than around the bases in a softball game, and yet finds themselves running more and more each time and finally conquering a race distance. Go Katie!

I didn’t get all around to see all the different running areas and people. I would have gotten a job with the race pictures people if I wanted to do that.  I knew my spot and I shot some fun stuff, and then we went home. Thanks Jeffiner for coming out with me and cheering on all these random people, and a few friends. And to all the “Jeff’s” who raced, you’re welcome. We didn’t know when we would see our friend Jeff, so we just cheered for Jeff the whole time as people passed, in case we missed seeing him. =) We did see him and cheered him on extra loud. =)

I love all the colors and expressions and it’s just another place where people are totally being themselves.  You can’t really be fake when you’re running.

There were soooooo many people racing. It was awesome.

It helps to have mutually crazy friends who think 6:30am ‘sounds fun’. Honestly, I think we were both excited about going to a race and not having to run. 😉

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  • Katie in MA - Hey! That’s me! Okay, not in the leopard suit, more like in the little blue linky. 🙂 Thanks, girl! I think everyone should train for the 5k because you have NO IDEA what a fun high you get from finishing a race – no matter how you make it happen! I can’t wait for next year. One person has already told me that a 10k next year might not be a good idea. Heh. Game on!

  • Mom - Happy Saturday morning……..enjoying your pictures of all the runners, and laughed again at your story of your experiences in the race last year…………….we are watching the snow melt…..more quickly this weekend. It’s supposed to be in the 50’s both days!!! Love you both………..Mom

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