A 10 Year Old Is Running My Business

Sort of.
It’s this girl here.

She is my new Boss of All Things That Require an Honest Opinion. She is not allowed to handle the money, but she can make her case based on her expertise in knowing exactly what she wants.  Sometimes what she wants is to eat ice cream and hang out with the cat, and that’s ok too.  I had sort of forgotten about her lately, but I found her yesterday while trying to organize-my-clutter-so-I-can-think-straight-and-solve-all-my-problems.   I apologized profusely and asked her to please come and work with me again. She always knows just what to do.  I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. =)

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  • Chelsey - THIS is awesome. Always need to come back to our roots & remember why we do, what we do. Sounds like she’s a good CEO!

  • Karla - That was Milo?!!?!?! OMG – I feel like I was there that day, and perhaps took the picture 🙂 Maybe that was your birthday party when we ‘stole’ the Mrs. Fields’ cookie recipe and made the BEST chocolate chip cookies EVER!

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