Beefeater Isn’t Just a Gin [Day 14 Europe]

No – your eyes are not deceiving you.  That’s 2 Europe posts in one week.

[5.21.2009] journal entry

This morning we got up and I tried to catch up on writing in this thing. Ugh. (It is now 12:38 AM on the 22nd) and I’m going to bed will finish later.
Okay. Back up and on the tube to St. James Park, but that’s for Friday so… Thursday we got up and out and headed (by foot) to the Tower of London. Very cool. Went up to see the crown jewels first. Holy cow those are some wicked awesome jewels. The First Star of Africa – was the biggest clear cut diamond in the world (at least for a while)! Beautiful stuff. Then we headed down to take the Beefeater tour. Very amusing, informative and entertaining tour. The guy was pretty funny. Apparently they (Beefeaters) live around the edge of the tower. Also you have to have served in the military for at least 22 years and at least reach the rank of Sergeant Major. Learned a lot about the Tower and the famous prisoners. I didn’t know that the White Tower was where Henry VIII lived and that this was where Anne Boleyn lived, was held prisoner and was executed and buried. Really cool after reading and seeing that story. We didn’t have time to see everything, but the White Tower Henry VIII Dressed to Kill exhibit was very cool and quite modern with lots of stuff from the History Channel.

Again no pictures inside at most of these places. Had lunch at the Tower Café and then headed to the Globe Theatre for our show. We had pretty nice seats at the top right of the stage. We even had seat backs which very few had. I only had one coughing fit so not too bad. The show was great! I started taking pics during the intro but we had to stop during the show. I did get a few good ones during intermission. The show was really good, and well done. I bought a program too. After the show we hopped the tube over to the British Museum and followed Rick Steve’s (book) tour through the Egyptian, Assyrian, Greek, and Roman exhibits, and a drive-by through the Age of Enlightenment. Got my postcards and we set off to find our dinner destination – Yo Sushi! This was just 5 to 6 blocks away from the museum in Soho. =) It wasn’t too hard to find. Soho was unique and definitely had an edgy fun feel to it. Our dinner place was a sushi bar with a conveyor belt. They put small plates with different foods on them and you just take off what you want as it goes by. You can also order a selection if it’s not on the belt. The plates are colored by price – they add your plates up at the end and that is your bill. We didn’t do too bad, but those plates add up quickly. After dinner we headed back on the tube to our apartment. =)

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  • Heather - Woohoo! We’re ending our year with shakespeare and the globe theater this year. Aunt Karyn comes in handy again!

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