The Dilemma of the DIY Girl | When It’s Ok to NOT Do It Yourself

I like to do things myself.  I like to create things, design things, put things together with glue, tape and string…and occasionally power tools – myself.  When I encounter a project or a need, my first thought is always – well, I know there is probably something out there that would make this easier or heck, it might already be solved – but no matter, I can do it myself.  Maybe it’s my Midwestern, farm family upbringing.  But heck, even my Dad upgrades his farming equipment when he needs to.

The trick is the balance.  When to do it yourself, and when it’s time to say, download that template or tool that will actually make your life easier.  Often, what convinces me to finally give in and pay someone else for their expertise/product is my complete lack of knowledge of HOW to do something.  Ok, that’s not true – I will absolutely begin a project even if I know nothing about how to get from start to finish.  I love to learn new things.  It’s when I’m about 30% in and I realize how to do something and that I don’t have the way-big-costs-more-than-I-still-owe-in-student-loans tools I will need to successfully complete this project.  Oh.  Crap.  Here is when the tough decision happens.   Do I A) invest in the WAY $$$$ tools and keep learning and then (theoretically in my head to justify purchase of said tools) go on to create lots of things I could eventually sell myself…. or B) Buy the less $ and completely useful version of the thing I’m trying to create.  Hmmmm.  My DIY voice is saying “GO! GO! Buy the expensive thing! You’ll be awesome!!” and my rational voice, who wants to leave the house and have time to eat and talk to real people and not lose all social contact says “No. Buy the useful product. Use it to make your life easier. Go crazy on something else. Maybe something you already love doing.”  Hmmm.

But you know, sometimes you don’t have even the small $ budgeted for that product.  Aside from option C) the super DIY version – which is basically the equivalent of going to every junkyard you can, just to scrape together the parts and tools, and using directions from the internet to BUILD your own farm equipment… sometimes you just have to wait.  Wait, and plan.  Sometimes letting something sit in your brain and pondering it can be the best thing ever.

So, to the best of my ability, I’m only going to go DIY on things I actually like doing.  Cause when I’m knee deep in directions and 40% in, I’d still like to be happy about the whole thing.  It’s like those smart people say.  Do what you love.

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