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Um. I love you Mom and Dad.  I really do, and that is why I post this favorite photo of mine.  The one that I printed and is currently hanging up in the dining room.  I know its not the one you were happier that I posted back on your birthdays, but it’s just too awesome not to share.  =)

I love love love this picture because it is SO my mom and dad. I believe the conversation went something like

Dad: am I standing on your foot?

Mom: yes.

They know each other so well, and I just love seeing them interact.  They are such flirts with each other and I don’t even think they realize it.  That’s just how they are together.  They tease, they sigh and they love each other for who they are.   They love their kids for who they are, no matter what crazy adventures we’ve decided to do.  They encourage, support, teach, love and listen as we launch into our latest and greatest ideas about how THIS or THAT is just going to work and be stellar and make life so much better.  They are dreamers.  Dreaming of grand ideas, small ideas with grand implications, traveling here or there, or if we could just open up a Dairy Queen on that corner… 😉  They have the original DIY spirit.  A few years ago, I was talking to my husband about my career choices and options, and I said “I could go back and work for someone else, and I would be fine with that.”  He said, quite certainly, “No you couldn’t.  Your whole family works for themselves.”  Basically, it’s in your blood.  Stick with it.  He was right.  I am proud to say that my DIY, dreamer, let’s do it, and love like you mean it tendencies came from these wonderful parents of mine.

Thanks again, Mom and Dad. =)

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  • Katie in MA - Now I miss my mom. I hate being so far away from her, but sometimes I wonder if I would realize how awesome she is if I was where I could spend a bigger part of my daily life with her, ya know? I hate the distance, but I guess I get the gift of perspective to go with it.

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