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Clearly the reason this photo is a favorite of mine has absolutely nothing to do with the left side of this picture.  I have yet again sacrificed my pride and any attempts to appear cool, so that I may show you one of my favorite photos of my Grandma Betty.  I took this photo of us at my mom and dad’s house on the eve of my grand departure for Texas in 2003.   Don’t you just love the mischief in her face?  Ornery shines through at any age. =)  Or more like, “ok Karyn, there’s no way you’re going to get a good picture just holding out your arm like that”.  No, not of me….but of you, yes! =)

I’ve posted about Betty before, she is the inspiration for so many things in my life.  And long after everyone else has stopped forwarding funny emails – she still finds the best (and I might add quite inappropriate) ones to send me.   Continuing with the theme of living within sight of each other, my grandma’s house, where she lived with my Grandpa Clyde (who passed away in 2006. We miss you Grandpa!) since about 1983??? is across the field from this house where I grew up.  So to get to Grandma’s house, I just usually went through the field.  The most interesting was when Dad planted corn in that field and I would stand up by our house on the bit of a hill and set myself in the right direction towards their house.   Well, dad didn’t exactly plant in diagonal rows, so I was always going across, down, across, down… I usually ended up pretty close. =) Usually.

You’re sure to hear more Grandma and Me stories, no worries, we get into lots of trouble together.

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