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I have an uncle who can build houses.  As in, from scratch.  The man is good with lumber.  He also happens to be the same uncle that lived in that house I mentioned in yesterday’s post, and built a sweet bridge across the creek from which my family and friends got many years of great joyful fun.  I mean, we’re talking Terabithia type awesomeness here.  I miss those woods.  Anyway, my amazing sister and BIL and their amazing kids all got a surprise gift from our uncle last year.  He made them all super sweet walking sticks.  Customized of course.  They have woods that are not tooo far away, and they go on nature adventures together and sometimes you need a walking stick! =)  This was their we-just-got-them-and-decided-whose-was-whose-and-thank-you-uncle-Mark photo.

I can’t wait to hear about all their wonderful adventures. =)

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  • Chelsey - I love it! Our grandfather made us walking sticks … and little tiny boats and “special marshmallow roasting” sticks as well 🙂 love that. Their expressions here are priceless 🙂

  • Katie in MA - What a totally cool gift! My mom always encouraged adventures like those ones. My girlfriends and I would play for hours in the woods and after big family dinners my mom would always take us for a walk – although she always called it “bear hunting.” “Let’s go bear hunting!” she’d call and we’d all go scrambling for the back door – even when we were much older. 🙂

  • Heather - We need to take Aunt K and Uncle J on one of our hiking adventures. : ) Quite an experience. You cannot get the twins to stop talking about every single thing they see. Sara is in it for the long haul…she’ll go as long and far as you want. Jesse is the best observer of all things natural. Leah is very concerned about what position she is in the line up. Levi wants to be far ahead or far behind. Delaney is seriously committed to getting done so she can get to the picnic we packed.

    The walking sticks have come in very, very handy many times in the past year, for many uses other than hiking. The other day they organized their own javelin throw competition. : ) I highly recommended gifts that do not come from the toy section at Wal-mart! (Sorry, Aunt Jill!)

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