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My family lived in this house until about 1 month before I was born.  So I’m the only one who has never actually lived here.  However, the story certainly doesn’t end there.  After my immediate family lived here, for at least awhile, an aunt and uncle lived here.  I was pretty young, because I only remember the one time when there was a very bad storm and my Aunt Jill was home alone so she drove up the road to stay at our house during the storm cause her windows were rattling a bunch. Yes, I said down the road.  The house I grew up in is maybe 1 mile down the road, tops.  You can see the other house from the front porch.   If you have binoculars or decent eyesight, and know what to look for, you can even tell if someone is home or not.  Both ways.  For awhile there, some folks I didn’t know stayed here, but then sometime around middle school my brother and his wife had a big lets-strip-off-13-million-layers-of-paint-and-wallpaper-party, and moved on in.  So current residents would be my brother and his family.  That’s a total of about 10 people who have lived in this house  – but not me.

Why so popular?  This house has history, and it’s the location of where my family raised dairy cattle until I was 9, (barn fire incident) and now have beef cattle, and farm too, along with some other places.  But this was where all the action happened growing up.  If the cows were out, this was the starting line.  Milking, feeding, bedding, hauling manure – all that good stuff happened here.  As well as playing in the creek, and having adventures in the woods.  It’s all part of the deal.  Plus, the house literally does have a lot of history – one of the rooms has doves and other fancy things painted on the ceiling.  I think the house was built in the 1870-ish time period and originally was owned by the Catholic Church and had some monks living there.   All I can think is that the house and land has had so much history with my family, I can only guess what kind of life it had before…

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  • Heather - MMmmmmmm…love this post. : ) I long for my kiddos to have that kind of woods and creek to explore…hope Izaak and the girls are getting their fill. One of my favorite memories is the long treks out through the pasture to bring the cows in. And, of course, Jason and I running down each morning from our unheated bedrooms to get the “good” vent in front of the stove. Can’t wait for you to see A and J’s updates from this winter…floors, painting, etc. So awesome.

  • Karyn - I like to hear your thots about the “big” house……Grandma could probably tell you more about the events that went on there and who has lived there in past years………

    lot of memories for all of us……do you remember the story of when you were about 3 or 4 and I had you down at the milking parlor with me and you poured some chlorine disinfectant down the drain in the wash room, which mixed with the liquid soap already in the drain, and it created a chlorine type gas….and we had to get out of there so we wouldn’t breathe it…..?
    Fun times……:) M.

  • Karyn - FYI, that was my mom commenting. 🙂

  • kristen - So I read this, and all I can see is how your blog is going to be bigger than the Pioneer Woman blog. For real for real. 🙂

  • Karyn - Yes, mom, I “remember” – I just remember my ‘job’ was cleaning the milk tank – and apparently I thought I would HELP and dump out some of those almost empty containers on the floor. My first chemistry experiment. =)

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  • Katie in MA - Such cool history. I hate how so many homes nowadays never seem to have such a history, like they’re never really “homes” just resting stops. Mine included. (sigh) So cool that you have a REAL home in your family!

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