lighting the spark | fire starter sessions review | part 1

“You didn’t sign up for good enough in this lifetime, you signed up for AWESOME.” – Danielle LaPorte

I would like to sign up for AWESOME please.

So I was minding my own business, having a lovely day I’m sure, when my friend Kristen over at Brand Camp Blog just goes and HAS to say something on Twitter about this aMAZing person named Danielle LaPorte and her site White Hot  Seriously, how cool is that name.  I mean you read it and just like ‘ah. that is perfect and epic and she totally already has it’.  Cause admit it, if you have EVER purchased a domain name, you’ve had a case of domain envy.  You know you have.

Anywho…Kristen is soooo excited about this site, so I go and I look and I’m immediately in love with the overall look of the site, and the content is just so compelling and grabs you, like ‘My Dominatrix of Decisions rides a hedgehog’.  Seriously, how do you NOT read that?  Or, ‘in praise of women: magnificent, spacious, fiery witnesses’.  She doesn’t just write good post titles, she writes smart and helpful and awesome.  So I’m pretty much an instant fan.  Kristen also mentions this thing that Danielle is doing called Fire Starter Sessions.  Huh?  It’s not a photographer thing, it’s an entrepreneur thing.  It’s a person who knows they’re not doing what they should be doing in their vocation thing.  It’s an I’m stuck and I need help moving forward with my business thing.

I’ll just show you her videos to help you get the idea. She does a way better job than me explaining it.

And all you mamas out there – watch this one.  TRUST me. She gets it.

So….yeah.  I wanted this.  However, one of my new personal practices, especially regarding business and especially regarding spending moolah, has been to sit on things and let them..marinate a bit.  I don’t know how many times over the next couple of weeks I thought about her program.   I had lots of other things to get done, finish, start, read, whatever.  I still do.  I always do, but I decided to order it because after all that waiting it was still something I was thinking about every day.  I knew it wasn’t just going to be some reeeeaaallly long pep talk.  I was pretty darn sure it would really be worth it.

So here I am, I’ve had it for almost a week.  I’m not at all completely through it, I’m actually only about 15% in I would say.   So I decided I would talk about it and sort it out here on the blog as I go through.  This is pretty much to help me voice what I’m getting out of it for myself, and for anyone who wants to read.  I of course won’t be divulging tons of detailed content from the sessions, but that is the other cool thing about Danielle.  She doesn’t want you to start your fire and hide it under a bucket, she wants it to spread, so she is really encouraging about sharing what it is all about.  And no, it’s not just about the money.  You can make money doing something you hate.  Trust me,  this is personal.

All that to say thank you Kristen for posting about this, thank you Danielle for creating this and sharing it with us, and thanks to you for reading my sorting out of all this and commenting if the spark hits you. 😉  Get it, spark. fire. hehe.

So go on over to White Hot Truth and learn more about the Fire Starter Sessions including the Table of Contents and all that informative goodness if you wanna.  I’ll be posting more soon about my experience so far with the sessions.. I can tell you I’ve been filling out worksheets like a champ and watching her videos and laughing and having Aha! moments all over the place. =)

Fire, started.

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