Old Stuff

We are in clean, sort and pitch mode around here.  My husband is currently going through another box of old school papers and we are getting our money’s worth out of that shredder.  I am in an ongoing process of going through all my old digital image folders and files from 2009 and DELETING (gasp) pictures that should not exist.  Examples of pictures that no longer need to exist – remember that 365 self-portrait project I did for half of 2009?  Well, for each photo of me that I posted for the project, there were at least 5-10 that were not chosen.  These are now gone – or in the process of being made gone. =)

I am freeing up gigs and gigs of space. It’s wonderful.

Anywho… I am of course running across all manner of photos from last year, so I thought I’d post a few, just for fun.

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  • Katie in MA - I especially love the one of you reading the Thursday Next books. That’s one series where you feel like you need to read the books all at once so you can remember what the heck is going on!

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