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He came into the hospital with his gray brother, all fleas and eye gunk. They were just 4 weeks old when they showed up.  The ‘nice’ people who found them said they thought the right thing to do was to bring them in to be put down.  Um, excuse me?  All these little dudes needed was a good bath and some antibiotics.  So…even though we (the staff) NEVER (well, almost) personally adopted animals that were brought in, we knew these guys needed to stay with us and find good homes.  No brainer.  I also saw it as a sign.  Here Karyn, here’s your cat.  We were about to move into our first/new/only house in just a few more weeks, so I would actually be able to keep him!  Until then he and his much feistier brother lived between the hospital (they were tiny and didn’t take up tons of kennel space – and the doctors totally loved them so we were allowed to let them hangout a lot), and one of the other nurses had a farm, with bunnies and horses and all kinds of happy farm goodness.   He was so sweet.  He loved to sit on my shoulder while I would type up notes, just as happy as could be.  And, well, who could say no to those ears.  It’s like saying no to Dumbo.  Not cool. 😉  After we moved into our house, he finally got to come home and live with us.  (His brother got to stay on the farm with the horsies).

Even for all of his antics and oddities, the fetching, the monkey noises, he still is a wonderful kitty.  He still thinks he can sit on our shoulders, even though he weighs about 11 pounds.  His ears are still huge in proportion to the rest of him.  His fur is even still kitten soft.  My little stinker, my bud, my bonserellie, my Bonsai just turned six!!

It’s not the fanciest, most in focus photo, but who cares – don’t you just love the fuzziness!

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