I am seriously tempted to start doing podcasts.

Why this photo? Because it’s a cat sitting in a box. That’s why.  And every post is better with a picture.  I can’t believe you even had to ask…

Anyways, the whole podcast thing is NOT because I like hearing the sound of my own voice.  Heavens no!  I certainly wouldn’t ever listen to it myself, but (some) of you hear it all the time and it will hopefully not make you cringe and go bleh.  Why am I considering this?  Because for the past few weeks, the moment I open up my site to start writing a non-photo related post…. all those thoughts that I was going to turn into sentences go flying away from me.


So maybe I will.  I will warn you though.  If you think I ramble on and on in text form, you ain’t heard nothing yet.  I can talk for-e-ver.  I have references if you need them.

Heck, I even have to buy a digital recorder for a work related project.  Go fig.  Or… I could just use my phone.

No joke. I just made this.  ONLY listen if you are EXTREMELY bored.   Or if you want to play the ‘what’s on YOUR desk’ game.  I do mention the cat. You’ve been warned.

Me rambling for several minutes.

Oh – and Katie MADE me post it. 😉

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  • Katie in MA - lol And YOU made Katie spew triscuits all over her monitor with that last little bit o’ blame. 🙂 Also, you forgot to tell them about KarynTV!

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